AS PART of Mental Health awareness week, Barnsley Council have reminded residents of the campaign #AlrightPal, which was launched in 2017 to support the preventon of suicide.

The campign aimed to encourage open discussion and support, encouraging others to recognise when somebody may be feeling vulnerable or struggling and simply asking if they’re #AlrightPal? A localised hashtag, it was created by Barnsley Council, allowing people to show they’re open for discussion.

The evidence suggests that taking the time to ask and listen with a non-judgemental ear has significant positive impacts to those in need.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “It is an awful tragedy every time somebody takes their own life.

"The #AlrightPal? campaign we’re doing in Barnsley is such a simple but effective initiative. It reminds people that their unassuming efforts of taking the time to listen to somebody can go a long way in changing the outcomes of somebody who is struggling or feeling vulnerable."