A LADY from Wombwell is on a cake-making fundraising mission to try to raise money for local unmarked baby graves and the upkeep of war hero monuments in the area.

Vicky Walker, 25, started Twinkel Cakes as a hobby, but it's something that's personal to her family too as her mother's first child, Emma, was buried in an unmarked grave after sadly passing away at just four days old.

With help from Carole Taylor, the family found the unmarked grave at Barnsley Cemetery, and from there stemmed the idea of Twinkel Cakes.

''I had friends asking me to do cakes so I decided to use this idea to raise money,'' said Vicky. ''I do cupcake-making classes for kids, have stalls and also do fun photoshoots with babies and my cakes.''

Vicky also donates her tasty treats to other organisations.

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