IF YOU would like to gain a motorcycle licence, a Barnsley motorcycling school are offering you the chance to win lessons £20, with all proceeds going to charity.

Ride On Motorcycle Training are giving you the chance to win a full motorcycle training (DAS) course, including CBT, training and both module 1 and module 2 tests with all proceeds going to two animal charities.

There are only 14 numbers available for £20 per number. The proceeds will be going to Willow Dogs rescue and Hope Pastures. The closing date is tomorrow, in time for the lottery draw.

The winner will be determined on Saturday 28th April by the National Lottery Lotto draw bonus ball. Who ever has the winning number will win an exclusive voucher, valid for one year, for the full motorcycle training course at Ride On Motorcycle Training. The winner will have to have passed their theory test before being allowed on the road.

The remaining numbers are


To enter, Payment for a number can be made by any of the following means:

1) In cash, dropping off at Ride On HQ (please private-message to arrange)

2) By paypal, sending to rideonmct@hotmail.co.uk (be sure to send 'to friend or family' and post your full name as a note)

3) By bank transfer (please private-message for bank details)Please private-message Pauline Marshall Ellis when you've made payment to provide a contact number.

You can keep up t date with the numbers available on the school's Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/rideoninroyston/