TWO Barnsley smokers caught littering at Barnsley Interchange have been issued with hundreds of pounds worth of fines after failing to pay up. Colin Laing, 19, Clifton Close, Athersley North, was caught throwing a cigarette end outside the interchange by a council officer. He was issued a £75 fine but never paid it as he claimed he thought it would be paid for by his Job Seekers Allowance. The fine was increased to £100 - plus council costs of £341 and a victim surcharge of £15 The total cost was £456.76. Lisa Roberts 37, Bramcote Avenue, Barnsley, was also issued a £75 fixed penalty for dropping a cigarette end outside the bus station. She was meant to pay it back in installments but didn't - and after she failed to attend the court hearing - was given another fine of £350, with costs of £313 and a surcharge of £15, making a total cost of £678.64. Council spokesman Coun Roy Miller said: "Please remember that cigarette ends are litter and should be disposed of responsibly. "This sends a strong message out that people should always make sure they pay their £75 littering fines. Those who don't pay in full will be prosecuted and could recieve very large fines in court."