TWO weeks off school sounds great until you realise you have to keep mini WABers entertained every. single. day. have come up with low cost activities that will not cost the earth and is something the whole family can enjoy.

Easter egg hunt - Kids will love hunting for them and being in the outdoors. If you want to make the difficulty level harder – make the hiding places less obvious. Write clues on post it notes and stick them in various places for the kids to follow.

Make Easter nests - Chocolate Easter nests are so easy to make and they taste delicious. Grab a few bars of chocolate, cereals such as shredded wheat or cornflakes and get melting and mixing. Finish the cakes with mini eggs for yummy treats.

Have a picnic - A picnic is a great addition to a day out walking and go with friends. If everyone brings something it won’t be an expensive or time-consuming job.

Hold an egg race - A simple egg and spoon race is so much fun and is bound to get everyone in the competitive spirit. Mark out a start and finish in the garden or park and have someone at the finish line calling the shots.