LOCALS are campaigning to save a donkey who they fear may be put to sleep after complaints about his braying.

Villagers in Brierley have set up a campaign after hearing a petition had been set up to have Joseph the donkey - who lives in a field near The Rise housing estate - put down.

A Facebook group, called Save The Brierley Donkey From Being Shot, now has nearly 4,000 members campaigning to keep him safe.

Samantha Thompson set up the page. She said: "Joseph has got a really distinctive, loud eeyore. It sounds like someone is being strangled but it's part of living round here.

"I live practically next to the field and hear him all the time. We've lived with it a long time and you just get used to it - it makes everyone laugh."

Members of the Facebook group have asked for photos of Joseph and updates on his welfare and, a lady who read the news in the Daily Mail, even wrote a hand-written letter to the donkey.

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