A PETITION calling for the installation of a pedestrian crossing outside of Hunningley Primary School has been rejected.

Parent Helen Mitchell started the online petition after fearing for the safety of pupils crossing the road outside of the Kendray school.

The petition had gathered 418 signatures, and was delivered to the council in November last year.

However, the council says the site does not meet the necessary requirements for a pedestrian crossing.

The council said: "In considering requests for light controlled pedestrian crossings there are very strict criteria in place which must be met before a pedestrian crossing facility can be considered.

'These relate to the conflict between the volume of vehicles and the number of pedestrians wishing to cross the road at a particular point. In order to meet the criteria there needs to be a sustained flow of pedestrians crossing the carriageway throughout the whole of the day.

"On Hunningley Lane this does not exist as crossing movements are confined to school start and finish times.

"Surveys carried out since 2010 show that the site does not meet the criteria for a light controlled crossing.

"However, the site does meet the criteria for a school crossing patrol and one is provided. It is recommended that the Service Director, Environment and Transport write to the lead petitioner to inform them of this situation."