PLAYING pitches across Barnsley will be improved thanks to funding secured by the council.

Over £215,000 of Section 106 money - money given by developers as part of their planning permission agreements - has been dedicated to improving 17 playing pitches in the borough.

The funding will help to increase the standard and condition of pitches and bring disused playing fields back into use all year round.

The council says the work will support the its Playing Pitch strategy that aims to provide excellent facilities across the borough. It will also back local sports clubs.

A council spokesperson added: "It's hoped the money will attract further match funding from external organisations, helping to expand each project and complete the pitches to a high standard."

Section 106 funding is money that developers of larger sites pay to the council to reduce the impact of the development.

Developers sign an S106 agreement as part of their planning permission.

This is a legal document that specifies what the money is spent on and where.The money can be spent on projects such as improving community facilities, education and providing affordable housing.

Council officers liaise with Area Councils, Community Groups and public representatives to identify suitable projects.

An S106 panel then meets every quarter to review each proposed scheme.