A DIVORCED mum has set up a website to help single ladies in Barnsley who are left with no social lives find new friends.

Debbie Lee-Wright got divorced last August and said she was tired of sitting at home doing nothing. So the mum-of-two decided to create a website to find some single friends to go out and socialise with.

She said: "When I got divorced after nearly 25 years of marriage I was left with no social life. All my friends are married and didn't seem interested when I stopped being in a couple.

"If they have been friends with both of you then they might not want to look like they are taking sides. I've never done anything like this before but I'm bored of getting home from work and doing nothing.

"It's all about finding new friends and meeting people in the same situation. I'm sure there are plenty of women like me out there who are in the same boat."

Debbie, who works as a dispenser at Boot's, wanted to create a free website for like-minded single women who wanted to go out for meals, go shopping or on trips together.

If the website is successful Debbie said she would contact pubs in the area to try to organised a series of single ladies' evenings.

She added: "There are a lot of dating websites but they are designed to meet someone, not to make friends and they can cost a lot of money.

"I'm not scared of going places on my own, I went to Las Vegas twice last year, but it's different when you are going out."

Anyone interested in joining the group should visit www.lifeafterdivorcesite.com and email Debbie at deb196448@hotmail.com