ITV is launching a new show looking for the country's worst singers - and wants people from Barnsley to take part.

Each episode of Change Your Tune - hosted by Baz Ashmawy - will see five bad singers attempt to improve their singing voice.

Each contestant will display how bad their singing is in front of a studio audience, then a screen will drop, and what’s been weeks of training for contestants will be revealed in a matter of moments for the viewers, as the screen rises, the contestant ‘reappears’ and gives their once-in-a-life time performance as they sing to try and win the show.

The studio audience will score each performance and the level of improvement ultimately deciding who has ‘Changed Their Tune’ the most.

Each week the winning contestant will walk away with a cash prize.

Email to apply. Applications close on October 20 2017. Applicants must be 18 or over.