A FATHER and son who chased a drunk driver after they witnessed a hit and run have been given bravery awards for their actions.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke has praised Kevin Dixon, 45, and his son Kiefer, 17, at a special ceremony on Saturday, praising their courage and excellent public service.

It comes after the pair witnessed a crash on Lane Head Road in Cawthorne last November involving drunk driver Robert Barraclough, who slammed his Land Rover into the back of another car and fled the scene without stopping, leaving the other driver injured.

Kevin and Kiefer followed Mr Barraclough and watched as he crashed his Land Rover a second time - into a tree - before abandoning it and running into nearby woods. Both men chased him and detained him until the police arrived and he was arrested.

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke said; “I have no hesitation in awarding Kevin and Kiefer this Commander’s Commendation in recognition of their courage and excellent public service. This man was extremely drunk and aggressive and struggled with these men, but they still managed to restrain him until the police arrived.”

Robert Barraclough, a 59-year-old farmer from Penistone, appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court and received a three-year disqualification from driving and a community service sentence.