A CONVICTED burglar with previous convictions for distraction burglaries has been handed a three-year civil injunction with strict conditions around his behaviour.

Terance Hodson, from Barugh Green, was handed the order at Barnsley Magistrates’ Court after an application by officers in Barnsley and Barnsley Council’s Legal Services.

The order, which will last until June 2020, bans Hodson from approaching or communicating directly with people while offering to - or undertaking building, repair, maintenance or other property or gardening works at any residential property.

It also bans him from wearing or using any item of clothing or equipment that would lead a person to believe that he works as a builder or for the utility services, or as a council operative or other official for the purpose of gaining access to a residential property.

He will also be unable to attempt to gain access to any residential accommodation in England & Wales by requesting use of a toilet or provision of a glass of water.