A BARNSLEY car park has been 'closed' to anyone who shouldn't be there in a bid to deter antisocial behaviour.

Officers from Barnsley’s town centre team, along with partners at the council, have had a three-month closure order approved for the multi-storey car park in Peel Parade.

Under the powers of the Antisocial behaviour Act 2014, the order will prevent anyone who is not a customer of the car park, or the nearby gym, from entering.

A/Sergeant Matt Caines from the town centre team, said: “Antisocial behaviour issues at the car park have presented quite a demand for the team and typically we’ve seen street drinkers and drug users engaging in antisocial behaviour throughout the day and into the evening.

“From speaking to members of the community and users of the car park, we know that this has made people feel uncomfortable and sometimes intimidated.

“The order means that anyone who isn’t a customer of the car park, or the gym, cannot go in. If someone is found to be in breach of the order, they could be arrested and jailed for up to six months.”

Racing cars, playing music, throwing any objects from the car park or drinking alcohol is also banned and anyone found to be involved in these activities will be in breach of the order.

After three months, officers have the option to apply for the order to be extended.