MARS has recalled some bars of Galaxy, Malteasers Teasers and bags of Minstrels "due to the potential presence of salmonella".

The company said they have not had any complaints but have made the decision to voluntarily recall the products potentially affected.

The products affected have a best before date of either May 6 2018 or May 13 2018.

Products affected include:

Galaxy Milk 200g bar

Galaxy Milk 4x42g multipack bar

Galaxy Milk 42g bar

Galaxy Counters 78g treat bag

Galaxy Counters 112g pouch

Maltesers Teasers 35g bar

Galaxy Minstrels 118g Pouch

Salmonella bacteria can cause food poisoning and symptoms include diarrhoea, stomach cramps and sometimes vomiting and fever.

The company said in a statement: "We have detected the possible presence of Salmonella from the ingredients used in making some of our Galaxy products, including Smooth Milk Chocolate bars, Minstels and Counters and Teasers bars, whilst carrying out our routine testing process.

“This precautionary recall has been initiated with the best interests of our consumers at heart and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“No other brands or varieties of chocolate, pack formats, bar sizes or best before dates are affected."

The company also said anyone who has any of the products listed above should not eat it and to contact them for a return and refund.