A PROBLEM home in Barnsley has been ‘shut’ by police under new powers used for the first time - meaning anyone not authorised to be there faces arrest and even jail.

The house, on Crookes Street, was at the centre of persistent antisocial behaviour and drug dealing in the area, leading to an application for a closure order which has been granted by the courts.

It is the first time the tough new power - brought in under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act - has been used in Barnsley and means the house will be ‘closed’ to anyone but the occupants for a total of three months.

The order could be extended by the courts if officers apply for an extension at a later date.

The house is ‘open’ to a select number of people under the closure order, including the landlord and Barnsley Council officials. Anyone else found at the address would face arrest and could be jailed for up to six months.