NEW Electronic Cigarette laws come in this week.

The new legislation, which limits the potency of vaping liquids and reduces the size of refill packets, was introduced last year, but companies were given 12 months to adopt the changes.

It will officially come in on Saturday (May 20).

The legislation includes:

Reducing the size of refill containers

A new maximum size of 10ml will be enforced, meaning users will no longer be able to bulk buy to save money. This could result in price rises.

Weakening e-liquid potency

Currently the maximum strength permitted is 24mg, this will drop to 20mg.

Reducing the size of tanks and cartridges

Cartridges will be reduced to 2ml.

Child proofing measures

Due to the sudden popularity of vaping, there have been concerns that they could become popular with school children. Under new EU regulation, all e-cigs and related packaging must be 'child proof'.