BARNSLEY Council has issued a warning to locals after receiving reports of a bogus caller visiting people's homes while posing as a council officer.

The mystery caller - who claimed he worked for the council's pest control service - visited a house in Pogmoor last week offering to deal with vermin in the resident’s garden for a fee of £20.

When the concerned resident asked for ID, the man quickly produced a piece of paper but would not let the householder look at it in detail.

Barnsley Council’s pest control service confirmed that no officer was in the area at the time and that its staff do not engage in cold calling.

A council spokesperson said: "Residents are assured that the only time they will be visited at home by a Barnsley Council pest control officer is if they have requested the service to attend or if it is to discuss a legal matter.

"Barnsley Council employees always carry photographic ID and will have no objection to this being requested or examined by a member of the public.

"Pest control officers are also dressed in a uniform which is usually a white shirt with the Barnsley Council coat of arms embroidered on the chest."

Anyone who may have information about the bogus caller is advised to contact Barnsley Council on 01226 773555.