BARNSLEY'S new police chief says tackling anti-social behaviour is one of his key priorities - and he'll help tackle it by increasing the police presence in the town centre.

Chief Superintendent Scott Green was appointed as Barnsley's District Commander 12 weeks ago, and he's already pinpointed areas officers need to focus on, including tackling anti-social behaviour and protecting vulnerable people.

He said: “My priorities are to reduce anti-social behaviour and to ensure that there is a reduction in crimes that impact on people’s lives and on the quality of their lives.

“We will also of course be focusing on tackling domestic abuse and protecting the most vulnerable people in Barnsley, working alongside partners to provide them with the help and support they need.

“However through collaborating and building on resources with our partner agencies, our vision is to have a more visible presence across Barnsley so that we can better engage and listen to what people living in Barnsley want us to see and act on.

“We accept that over the last few years there has been a decrease in our visible presence in the town centre and around the interchange, but in partnership with the council we have already re-established a uniformed police team made up of one sergeant and four PCs who support the existing PCSOs and Barnsley Council staff."