THREE in ten residents in Barnsley do not know one of the main symptoms of lung cancer, a report has found.

Figures obtained for the 'cough cough' campaign, designed to highlight lung cancer symptoms, found nearly a third of over-50s did not recognise a cough lasting three weeks, as a sign of lung cancer.

The disease kills more people in Barnsley than any other form of cancer but survival rates can be improved with earlier diagnosis.

Dr Renu Bindra said: "With lung cancer claiming around 175 lives in Barnsley a year, it’s important the public is more aware of the symptoms and, if someone has the key symptoms, they visit their GP straight away.

"Earlier diagnosis of lung cancer could save many more lives locally, which is why it’s so important that we continue to build upon our efforts of 2011 to further increase awareness."

Throughout June the mobile cancer unit will be visiting locations across the borough to promote early diagnoses

Patients are advised to contact their GP if they have had a persistent cough.