STAGECOACH has increased some of its bus fares in Barnsley.

A Barnsley dayrider ticket has increased to £3.50, while a Barnsley dayrider plus ticket will now set you back £4.20.

A Dearne Valley dayrider ticket now costs £4, while the Barnsley megarider ticket is now priced at £11.50.

A 22X megarider ticket has increased to £12, a Dearne Valley megarider ticket £13, while a Barnsley megarider Plus ticket now costs £13.50.

The price changes came in on Saturday - the same day the Mi Card scheme ended.

MegaTravel Mi Cards - that qualify holders for a 60p bus fare - and Mi Cards for over 16s can no longer be used.

However, MegaTravel MiCards - for under 16s - will continue to be valid for use as a MegaTravel pass - and holders will qualify for an 80p concessionary fare.