A BOWLING club repeatedly targeted by vandals -costing it hundreds in repairs - has urged the culprits to "stop and think" about their actions.

Shaw Lane Bowling Club's hut has been broken into three times since the end of February, most recently yesterday (March 28).

On the first occasion, nothing was taken. However since then, the club's TV, microphones and speakers have all been stolen.

Natalie Parkes from the club said: "Yesterday they smashed our kitchen window and trashed the hut again.

"I, along with other members am so disappointed, especially considering we have been hosting our three major competitions this month, the last of which is this coming Sunday which attracts bowlers from as far away as Shropshire and Liverpool.

"To be honest, we just want it to stop. We have spent £400 after the second break in to replace the windows and now more money is going to have to be spent to repair the damage this time.

"To some it is just a bowling hut but to others like myself it is a passion, a hobby and a part of our lives. Please just stop and think about what you are doing."