A CARLTON community group is in danger of folding if more members are not found to help keep it afloat.

Secretary of the tenants and residents' association, Gemma Conway, said there was a fear the group could fold as there are only six members.

She said more manpower was needed to help organise events like the gala, which has not been run since 2006.

Gemma, 32, of Avondale Drive, said: "Most other members are in their 60s. It's going to get to a point where if they retire, there will only be me."

She has been a member for five years, and has seen the war memorial restored, the pavilion refurbished, new play equipment in the children's park and landscaping on Fish Dam Lane.

"I've always lived in Carlton and it's such a lovely village I didn't want to let it slide. There are so many opportunities and so much funding available, it's a shame that people aren't involved."

The group meets in the meeting room at St John the Evangelist Church on the second Tuesday of every month at 6pm. For details e-mail carltonvillagetara@gmail.com or contact Gemma on 728993.