PET owners have been warned to be vigilant after a dog ate meat laced with poison while out on a walk.

Katie Dawson says her neighbour had to rush her dog to the vets this morning, after he ate a sausage containing the poison.

The dog ate the meat on the small green next to Rowland Road, Gawber.

The dog has since received treatment from a vet.

It is the second incident of its kind in as many months, following the death of a dog after it had eaten chicken allegedly laced with poison in Pogmoor.

Temporary Sergaent of the status dog team at South Yorkshire Police, Matthew Duffy said: “We urge everyone to be vigilant about what their dogs may pick up and eat, as it could contain something harmful and cause them to become ill.

“South Yorkshire Police work with a number of partner agencies to investigate cases of cruelty and harm to dogs, and based upon the information gathered through different lines of enquiry appropriate action will be taken.

“If you have any concerns relating to a dog please don’t hesitate to contact police on 101.”