A DOCUMENT has been discovered that could cast a doubt over Barnsley FC's 125-year history.

It is widely thought that Rev Tiverton Preedy founded the club as Barnsley St Peter's in 1887, which meant the club celebrated its 125th anniversary this year.

But historian Grenville Firth has found an article that suggests the club may have been formed a year earlier under the name of Dove Wanderers after the Dove Inn on Doncaster Road.

The article is under the headline 'Barnsley Football Club' and is thought to have been cut out of a 1922 almanac of Yorkshire football.

The first two sentences read: "When the club was formed in 1886 it was called the Dove Wanderers, and played at Pindar Oaks. In 1887 the Rev T T Preedy, curate of St Peter's Church, formed 'Barnsley St Peter's', incorporating the Dove Wanderers, and they commenced playing at Oakwell."

Grenville thinks the article could mean that Barnsley is actually 126 years old and not celebrating the 125th anniversary but says the important issue is what is meant by the word 'incorporated'

"If the Wanderers disbanded then some of their players joined St Peter's then we don't need to worry,' he said.

"But if St Peter's took over the Dove Wanderers and changed the name then I think the Wanderers are the original Barnsley Football Club, founded in 1886.

"That is the way I see it and the club's historian David Wood agrees with me but other people I have spoken to disagree. I am not trying to spoil the club's celebrations. I just want the truth to come out as I am sure will anybody who has an interest in the club and its history."