A BARNSLEY mum has spoken of her horror after she caught a pervert filming her as she tried on underwear in the changing rooms of Asda Old Mill Lane.

Jade McDaid says she was trying on bras at the store when she spotted a smartphone hovering over the top of the changing rooms.

The 27-year-old was on her weekly shop with her nana Joan when the incident happened.

Mrs McDaid says she tried to cover up as quickly as possible before leaving the changing room to find a member of staff because the area wasn't manned.

She then waited for the man outside the changing room, along with staff and a security guard.

The security guard at the store began to follow him but Mrs McDaid said he kept his distance. Another customer, who had been waiting with Mrs McDaid, attempted to stop the man herself before shouting for security, but the man left through a staff exit.

After viewing CCTV, Mrs McDaid realised the same man had been following her around the supermarket.

Mrs McDaid said Asda told her the man – who was dressed smartly – was visiting the store from a third party and both his name and company would have been logged when he signed in. But police said they were unable to read his driving licence plate from the CCTV.

Mrs McDaid, who lives with husband Stuart and their two children, took to Facebook to warn others of her experience.

She said: "I left the store feeling very shook up, mad, embarrassed, violated and let down that the security guard had the opportunity to stop this man and didn't.

"Since this incident I have been the one chasing everything up to see what is being done about it. I feel like no one is taking the incident seriously.

"Can you imagine if it happened to you? Your mum, nan, aunt, sister or even child?

"Luckily my one-year-old daughter wasn't shopping with me that day or this would be a very different situation.

"This will not be the first time this scum bag has done something like this, he needs catching asap."

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said: “Police are investigating a report of voyeurism after being called to an address in Old Mill Lane, Barnsley on Tuesday January 31.“Anyone with information should call 101 and quote incident number 457 of 31 January.”

An Asda spokesman said: “We take matters of this nature very seriously. We are conducting a full investigation and assisting the police with their enquiries.”