A TRADE for a tenner scheme has been launched by the council to try to encourage more locals to become market traders.

It will run for two weeks in June and July and entrepreneurs who make, bake or create are being offered prime town centre spots to trade on - for a special price of £10.

They will be offered help from the experienced market traders in the hope that they will decide to stay on the market as a long term trader. Council spokesman Coun Linda Burgess said: “Marks and Spencer began as a market stall in Leeds all those years ago, so if you’ve got something to sell, why not follow in their successful footsteps with your own local-cost business start-up idea?” First-time market traders will be able to apply to trade on Wednesday and Saturday 27 and 30 June and 4 and 7 July in the town centre. Mary Portas, the BBC’s Queen of Shops and author of the influential Portas Review published last December, singled out Barnsley as the most exciting market she had seen. Speaking on BBC Radio’s Today programme she said: “Everyone thinks when I say markets I’m thinking, ‘Lets all sit down and have a nice organic lunch,’ but the most exciting market I saw was Barnsley where it’s £10 a table and you get it all out there.” For further details phone (01226) 772238 or email marketservices@barnsley.gov.uk.