SCHOOL holidays are set to stay the same for at least the next three years after a public consultation found that people in Barnsley are in favour of sticking to the traditional six week summer break.

The council’s cabinet members will be asked to approve a recommendation to continue with the traditional pattern of school term and holiday dates for the academic year 2018-2019 at their meeting next Wednesday.

It follows a public consultation on proposals for changes to holidays, which ran for six weeks during November and December last year.

The council suggested three options, including two weeks in October and a five week summer break, sticking to the traditional long summer break or a fixed Easter holiday.

A total of 2,308 people responded to the online consultation.

Of these, 1276 (55.29 per cent) were in favour of the traditional pattern, 772 (33.45 per cent) were in favour of the summer/October split and 260 (11.27 per cent) for a fixed Easter.

However, analysis of the results showed a different preference between school staff and parents.

According to the survey, school staff preferred to continue with the current long summer pattern, while a slight majority of the parent/carer group indicated they were in favour of a change.

The position will be reviewed in three years’ time.