A LOCAL woman has issued a warning after being targeted by a cold-caller falsely claiming to be from a well known money saving site.

Tracy Miller was targeted at her home on in Kendray by the man, who said he was a representative from MoneySavingExpert.com (MSE).

Tracey says the man attempted to get her to switch from her gas and electricity provider to a new company - claiming she could save hundreds of pounds by doing so.

However, Tracey soon became suspicious when the prices offered were higher than her current rates.

She said: “I happened to see on his tablet that the company he was promoting was in fact dearer than my current provider.

“When I questioned him on it, he said “you’re not supposed to see that”, and then attempted to carry on with his effort.

“To my knowledge MSE do not send cold-callers out.”

A spokesperson from Money Saving Expert said: “We are aware of a number of instances in which Money Expert cold-callers have knocked on doors in an attempt to flog various energy products and in some cases this has led to confusion that MSE is involved.

“This is not the case. MSE is a consumer help website, here to fight your corner. We don’t in any way, shape or form take part in or frankly even endorse the practice of cold calling.”