THE council has provided us with a list of FAQs about the new Barnsley residents only dumpit permit scheme. If you have any more questions, visit the council website or email for more information.

Why do we need a permit scheme in Barnsley? The council says it will reduce its spend on wastes generated by non-Barnsley residents and it is hoped that this will also reduce queuing times for Barnsley residents, giving you exclusive use of the sites.

Who can get a permit?

Any adult resident living in the Barnsley area can get a permit. I’m not sure which area I come under, how can I be sure? If you pay your Council Tax to Barnsley Council then you can get a permit.

When does it start?

As of Monday March 6 2017 it will be mandatory to acquire and produce a valid resident permit or you will be challenged on site to prove that you live in the Barnsley area. The scheme is being rolled out from Monday January 9.

How do I get a permit?

On your first visit to one of Barnsley’s four household waste and recycling centres, bring a copy of your vehicle registration document (V5) showing registration in the Barnsley metropolitan borough area. You’ll be given a car window sticker by staff on site.

Do I need to get a permit before Monday March 6 2017?

No, but after that date anyone without a permit will be challenged to prove their address. Just remember to bring your V5 (or relevant documentation) on your next visit and the council will be able to issue a permit for any future visits.

Why can’t the council automatically send out permits with Council Tax bills?

The council says there are a few reasons why this wouldn’t be possible. The council has made many improvements to its website and is encouraging as many people as possible to switch to e-billing to save time and money. The council also says that some residents do not visit the HWRCs and would not require a permit. Finally, the council says it needs to prevent permits being passed on or even sold to non-residents.

What if I don’t own the car (for example if it’s a company car or mobility vehicle)?

In this case, you’ll need to produce relevant vehicle documentation proving vehicle use. This could be a letter or email from your employee confirming that you are the main driver, or your motorbility agreement. The council will also need to see proof of your address, if this is not included.

Who needs to see the permit? Would I need to take it with me to the tip, or apply at an office? The permit needs to be clearly displayed in the window of your vehicle so site staff can see it. The only place to get a permit is on site next time you visit.

What if I’m a Barnsley resident but I don’t have a car or need someone to help me? You can access the site in someone else’s car, for example a relative, but you would need to be able to prove that you are a Barnsley resident and that the domestic waste is yours. If the car driver isn’t a Barnsley resident then you’ll need to go with them and take photo ID with you. If you’re not able to visit the site, there are other ways that the council can help you to dispose of your domestic waste responsibly. You can also email the council at for more information.

What if I’m a driver from outside Barnsley and I’m helping a relative who is a Barnsley resident to clear their domestic waste?

Your relative can go with you to the HWRC and will need photo ID and proof of their address. If they’re unable to travel with you to the site, for example if they have a disability, are elderly or unwell, there are other ways that the council can help them to dispose of their waste responsibly. If this applies to a member of your family, you can email the council at for more information.