A 'Barnsley residents only' permit scheme will be introduced for the town's tips next week.

From Monday January 9, only residents of Barnsley will be able to use the borough's four dumpits.

The council says it has introduced the scheme as the tips have seen an increase in people using them over the last two to three years - coinciding with neighbouring authorities reducing the opening hours of their sites.

Now, locals will be issued with a car window sticker by site staff when they show a valid vehicle registration document (V5) showing registration in the Barnsley metropolitan borough area.

You won't have to take photographic ID with you.

For any vehicle where the driver is not the owner (e.g. company car, mobility vehicle), residents will need to produce relevant vehicle documentation proving vehicle use and their residential address.

The scheme will be phased in over the next three months, and will become mandatory from Monday March 6.

Locals will be able to acquire a permit sticker on their first visit and will be required to display it in their windscreen on future visits.