DOZENS of hedgehogs were released in Barnsley on Sunday to boost the population.

About 75 were delivered from rescue centres in Hull and Sheffield and set free in loactions along the Dearne Valley.

Monk Bretton embroidery company owner Janet Mason organised the release. She said: "I am trying to do something to protect them. This has never been attempted before on such a large scale."

Janet, of Monks Way, said they were at risk because habitats were changing and some people hunted them for pleasure.

She has teamed up with Barnsley Council and Barnsley Biodiversity Trust. "We are tyring to bring wildlife back."

The hedgehogs were released at three sites: Rabbit Ings, Dearne Valley Park and Dave Allen's nature reserve at Keresforth.

"The idea is to get them to reproduce so we can introduce the yougn to other nautre reserves," said Janet.