ANIMAL experts have issued a warning to pet owners over the food they feed their dogs and cats this Christmas.

Experts say feeding dogs and cats nuts, avocados, corn syrup, crisps and raisins could harm, or even kill animals.

Will Bisset, a pet food researcher at Pets Corner, said: “Whilst it might be tempting to feed pets with human treats, many of them contain poisonous and life threatening chemicals that can either seriously harm or kill animals.

“For example, onion in any form, particularly the powder that is commonly found in most savoury foods including crisps, pizza and many sauces, contains disulphides and thiosulphates that are extremely poisonous to dogs, and even more so for cats, causing anaemia and damaging red blood cells.

"Likewise, toxins found in grapes and raisins, as well as chocolate, can also cause severe damage to a pet’s health.

“Artificial sugar substitutes, such as Xylitol, can be really harmful to pets, and corn syrup should be avoided at all costs.”