THREE talented table tennis players are raising money to go to China.

Brothers Jake and Joseph Cutts and neighbour Roseanne Hurst are hoping to hone their skills at the three-week training session.

The players, who all train with the Yorkshire regional table tennis squad and practise at Barnsley YMCA, need to raise £5,000 between them to fund the trip.

Donna, mum to Jake, nine and Joseph, 16 said: "The Chinese are big at table tennis so they'd be training with the best. They all want to play for England in the future and this would be really good for their portfolios.

"Only a few of them have been selected so the three of them have done really well."

Littleworth Grange pupil Jake has recently qualified for the national championships coming in the top four in Yorkshire.

Shafton ALC pupils Roseanne, 15, represents South Yorkshire and Joseph has been a member of the Yorkshire regional table tennis squad for a year.

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis showed his skills at a sponsored table tennis session at the YMCA community centre, Pitt Street, where they raised more than £1,000.

To sponsor them call Dave Peake at the YMCA on 213123.