PATIENTS have been warned not to go to Barnsley Hospital's accident and emergency department with minor ailments like sore throats over the bank holiday weekend.

GPs in the borough will be closed over the break but hospital staff have asked locals not to bother going to A and E for minor conditions like a sore throat or hang over, as has been known in the past.

Ken McDonald, medical director for NHS Barnsley said: “It’s always important to know exactly where to go when you’re feeling unwell but especially so over a bank holiday. Many people end up going to the accident and emergency department at Barnsley Hospital for very minor conditions like a sore throat or hangover when what they should do is self-care at home.

“If you’re unwell or unsure of your condition we always advise that you ring NHS Direct in the first instance. Some pharmacies will be open over the bank holiday and are great for getting expert advice on everyday illnesses. ”

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