A BARNSLEY man who dropped a cigarette butt has failed in his appeal against a littering fine - costing him £675 in total.

Ben Stephenson, 28, of Cemetery Road, Hemingfield, was convicted of littering by Barnsley Council after he dropped a cigarette end on Hough Lane in Wombwell.

After he chose to appeal the charge, he was fined £250, plus court costs of £200 and a £25 victim surcharge at Barnsley Magistrates Court on April 8.

Then, at the appeal hearing at Sheffield Crown Court on July 15, four witnesses gave evidence in support of the council - including video evidence of the offence.

After considering the evidence, the court dismissed Stephenson’s appeal.

The court ordered he pay £200 extra towards the cost of the appeal, meaning his littering offence will cost him a total of £675 in fines and costs.

Cllr Jenny Platts, Cabinet spokesperson for Communities, said: “Cigarette ends are litter and must be disposed of responsibly or the person responsible will face a fine – which will lead to prosecution if they fail to pay.

"The council's vision is for a better Barnsley, and we have a tough stance on litterers who blight our streets and cost council tax payers money in street cleaning bills.”