POLICE are asking locals to surrender their weapons this week to help clear Barnsley's streets of guns and knives - and say that anyone who hands in a weapon will not be prosecuted for possession.

Police say the surrender will provide a method for people to dispose of any weapon safely and quickly.

Det Ch Insp Steve Whittaker said: “Anyone who chooses to hand in a firearm or knife during the 14-day surrender, will not be prosecuted for possession, whether the weapon is illegally owned or if it’s just been passed down as a family heirloom and is no longer wanted.

“The type of weapons that can be handed in during the surrender include, but are not limited to, air weapons, BB guns, handguns, antique firearms, imitation firearms, ammunition, swords, machetes, switchblades and daggers.”

Police are warning that if the weapon is later found to have been used in previous criminal activity, it will be investigated and could result in a potential prosecution.