PLANNED changes to school holidays from 2017/2018 may be abandoned by the council in a surprising U-turn.

A statement from Coun Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for People, said: “In response to concerns we have had about the consultation process and the change of position by some of our consulted partners, we now propose to our Cabinet that the school holiday arrangements for 2017/18 do not change, thereby leaving the longer summer holiday in place.

“We feel we’re unable to rely solely on the Schools Consultative Committee process as a basis for deciding school holidays. We’ll undertake a wider consultation during the school year 16/17 on proposals for any future changes from 2018 onwards. The arrangements for the consultation will be set out and published at the start of the new school year.”

The original plan was to cut the summer break to four weeks and four days, with an extra week added in October.