POLICE are warning local fishermen to comply with fishing laws or face fines of up to £2,000.

Officers from South Yorkshire Police’s wildlife crime unit teamed up with the Environment Agency to carry out a series of checks at rivers and still waters last weekend.

The aim of the operation was to ensure that people were following the laws that protect fish stocks.

Twelve people were reported on summons for offences including fishing without a rod licence and fishing for coarse fish out of season.

Sergeant Mark Gregory said: “The local knowledge of volunteers from the angling community proved invaluable on our operation and I’d like to thank everyone involved.

“Fishing bylaws are in place to protect fish stock and the law applies to all waters in England whether they are owned by angling clubs, councils or individuals.

“By taking a multi-agency approach, we can continue to clampdown on people failing to follow the law and raise awareness of the penalties which include a fine of up to £2,000.

“We can also reassure the public that we are tackling this very serious issue and I would encourage anyone with concerns to report them to 101 to allow us to fully investigate.”