PRESSURE will be put on Barnsley Council to review its policy of charging £20 to have wheelie bins replaced following complaints.

The charge is not for the bin itself, but for delivery, as that is the only way residents can obtain new bins following a decision to stop collections from the Smithies depot due to safety reasons.

However, the cost of replacement has angered some residents, who have claimed their bins were damaged when they were emptied, leaving them to pay for damage they did not cause.

Councillors representing the two Penistone wards on Barnsley Council are to ask that the situation is reviewed.

Coun Ann Rusby, who is a member of Penistone Town Council, said: “Waste bins have become broken through no fault of residents. The council is now telling residents they are responsible for paying £15 delivery for a new bin. Some people are quite vociferous in their objection to paying."