POLICE seized 69 vehicles - arresting 23 people - as part of a road operation last week.

Over 1000 vehicles were stopped, 69 vehicles were seized and 23 people were arrested during Operation Trivium.

The operation was aimed at disrupting criminal activity by denying travelling, foreign criminals use of the roads.

Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood from the JSOU said: “We’ve had another successful week for Operation Trivium and the results speak for themselves.

“We searched and seized both UK and Foreign National vehicles, demonstrating that we will take firm action against anyone suspected of being involved in criminality.

“Operations like this are not about targeting communities, but rather those individuals who use our roads networks in order to commit crimes.

“We were also able to recover over £4,000 in outstanding fines and recovered drugs worth around £37,500.

“We are absolutely committed to making our region safer and this operation is just one example of how we do this.”