POLICE have issued warm weather security advice to Barnsley residents following a spate of thefts in the town.

Police are reminding people to keep their cars locked and be vigilant about leaving valuables on show.

Detective Inspector Rob Platts from Barnsley said: “Warm weather can give thieves an opportunity to take advantage, and my advice would be to ensure that you lock your cars and don’t leave anything on display that might attract them.

“Even if you leave your car for just a short time, make sure the engine is turned off and the doors and windows are locked.

“If you have a works vehicle, tools should be removed where possible and not be left in the car or van overnight. Please make use of a garage if you have one to help keep your vehicle secure.”

DI Platts also wants to remind residents to keep their doors and windows closed during the warmer weather and summer months.

DI Platts said: “If you’re outside enjoying a barbecue, or have the doors and windows open as you do jobs inside the house, please be aware that burglars can take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity to sneak into your home.

“Please try and keep your windows and doors locked, especially overnight or if you’re out for the day.

“I’d also ask people to be mindful of posting on social media. Don’t advertise your home to thieves by publicising your upcoming holiday for example."