LOCALS have hit out at drunks and drug users loitering around the town centre.

Karen Evans, who regularly shops in town, said she fears for her safety because of the often abusive nature of drinkers and drug abusers in Peel Square.

She said: "I was in town today and it was the final straw. One of them urinated themselves then she bragged at the top of her voice about it.

"This is not what I want to see in our town. I even had to take a bodyguard today to do some banking as I don't like having money on me and having to move them out of the way to get in."

There have been calls on social media for a stronger police presence in the town centre to increase safety.

Following several incidents of anti-social behaviour last month, a spokesman for South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley Council said: “We are aware of the antisocial behaviour caused by some individuals in Peel Square and share the concerns that people may have about this issue.

“The Public Spaces Protection Order, enforced by the police and the council, is one solution which works towards tackling the behaviour in Peel Square.

“Uniformed officers and PCSOs continue to patrol the area along with council enforcement officers.

“A number of arrests have been made in recent days following some public order offences in Peel Square, and police continue to work together with Barnsley Council to identify people who are committing offences and causing antisocial behaviour.

“Peel Square remains an ongoing priority for us and will continue to do so."