A GREAT Houghton man found guilty of flytipping was told by a judge that he has contributed to a"substantial nuisance in the borough."

David Randerson, 40, of Rotherham Road, pleaded guilty to an offence of fly-tipping, following a case brought by Regulatory Services officers when he appeared at Barnsley Magistrates Court on a fly-tipping charge.

Mr Randerson admitted dumping a sofa and two chairs on land to the end of Lister Row, Great Houghton, in October 2010, from a flat-bed truck. A witness came forward with details of the vehicle, which lead Barnsley Council's investigators to him.

Mr Randerson was interviewed and admitted dumping the waste. In mitigation he claimed that he had done a good deed by transporting the furniture to a person in need, who then didn’t have room for it.

He said he had been told there was soon to be a bonfire on the land so he left the waste there to be burned. At the court hearing on 11 August, Mr Randerson's solicitor invited the judge to conditionally discharge him. But the district judge told him that the photos of the waste looked awful and that as fly-tipping was a substantial nuisance in the borough which defaced landscapes, it was right and proper for it to be discouraged.

Mr Randerson received a total fine of £200 including a contribution towards the council's costs.