RESEARCHES have found that more people were killed in England’s biggest ever mining disaster - that took place in Barnsley - than previously thought.

A team of volunteers has been delving deeper than ever before into the history of the 1866 Oaks Colliery Disaster at Hoyle Mill.

The catastrophe - which marks its 150th anniversary this year – remains the worst mining disaster in English history and its officially reported death toll has always been 361.

But volunteers have now discovered the names of 384 victims.

Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership community officer Stephen Miller, who helped to conduct the research said:

"Sadly, we knew that poor record keeping and the chaos in the aftermath of the disaster meant that the exact number of people killed at Oaks Colliery has never been properly revealed and it has long been known that the figure of 361 was only based on an estimate by the mine owners."