THE COUNCIL has issued a stern warning to litter bugs giving out false information.

The council says that giving false information or refusing to give personal details when challenged for littering is a criminal offence.

The reminder follows a series of incidents in the town centre where enforcement officers are being followed by individuals who appear to be advising anyone being issued with a fixed penalty fine not to give out their details, or to provide false information instead.

The council says that last year, a Barnsley man was forced to pay £660 in fines after being found guilty in court of two littering offences and one offence for refusing to give details.

The fines, charged at a cost of £220 per offence, added with court costs and a victim surcharge meant the man was forced to pay a total cost of £996 for the offences.

Wendy Lowder, Acting Executive Director for Communities, said: “ We’re committed to keeping Barnsley clean for people living, working and visiting here.

“Our officers wear body cameras so individuals who refuse to give information, or provide false details, commit a second offence. They will be investigated and prosecuted wherever possible. The message is clear, pick up your litter or pay the price.”