BARNSLEY is ranked in the bottom five local authorities in England for healthy life expectancy at birth, according to a new report issued by the council. 

The report - released by the Director of Public Health Julia Burrows - states that out of 150 local authorities, Barnsley ranks at 146th for a male's healthy life expectancy, and 149th for a female's.

Life expectancy as a whole in Barnsley is also lower than the national average.

The report states that the life expectancy for a male in Barnsley is 78.4 years, while the expectancy for a female is 81.8. 

For a male, this is 1.1 years less than the national average, and 1.4 years less for a female.

The council has outlined a number of areas it aims to tackle in order to improve these statistics, including social, economic and environmental issues.