POLICE are cracking down on nuisance off-road motorbikes.

Last Sunday (3 April) saw a number of officers patrolling particular hotspot areas for off-roaders in the Dearne area to try and identify those who continue to ride off-road bikes illegally.

A total of four warnings were issued and one bike was seized.

Police are also urging the public to help identify off road bikers. 

Detective Sergeant Darren Taylor, who was involved in the operation, said: "“While we do not want to stop people from having fun or enjoying their hobbies, it’s important that we remind people that their behaviour is actually illegal and they could face having their bike seized.

"A lot of these individuals are usually wearing helmets or partial face coverings, making them difficult to identify. This is why we need help identifying them.

“This is information which could help officers identify the offenders and subsequently take action against them."