FIFTY SEVEN PER CENT of roadside drugs tests in the last year have produced positive results for cannabis or cocaine, South Yorkshire Police have revealed. 

Twelve months since additional legislation to tackle drug driving was introduced across the country, police have launched a campaign, funded by South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of drug driving.

Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood, Head of Roads Policing for South Yorkshire and Humberside, said: “In the last year since the new law came into effect, officers have conducted 525 roadside drug tests on drivers in South Yorkshire, with 57% producing positive results for cannabis or cocaine, or in 22 of the cases, both.

“Our aim with the campaign is for drivers to understand the implications of driving under the influence of drugs and to raise awareness that drug driving now carries exactly the same penalties and consequences of drink-driving: banned for a minimum of a year, a criminal record, a fine and potentially up to six months in prison.”