SAFETY sessions are being offered to Barnsley residents who drive mobility scooters after a spate of accidents involving them.

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and Parkgate Mobility have teamed up to offer the free sessions after statistics showed that - in South Yorkshire in the last five years - there were 28 incidents involving mobility scooters and 17 people were either killed or injured.

Scooter Safe will involve a mixture of theory based and hands on sessions with attendees using a variety of mobility scooters, or even their own machines, to navigate their way around a series of obstacle courses and day to day situations.

The first course will be held on May 30.

PC Mick Hedges said: “The aim of the project is to help South Yorkshire residents with mobility issues to maintain their independence whilst enhancing their own safety and confidence on our roads and other public areas."

To book a place, email .