MISBEHAVING YOBS who targeted a supermarket have been identified by their school.

Security and police patrols were stepped up at Asda's Grimethorpe store after weeks of problems with abusive youths. 

CCTV footage of the youths was viewed by South Yorkshire Police and staff from Outwood Academy, Shafton.

Lisa Allott, the school’s principal, said: “The academy was approached by South Yorkshire Police who are investigating an allegation of antisocial behaviour which occurred at the Asda in Grimethorpe.

“We were asked to help identify some teenagers from CCTV footage obtained by Asda. The incident took place in the evening, outside school hours and those concerned were not wearing school uniform.

“The academy takes its responsibility as a member of the community seriously and would appeal to any members of the public who may have witnessed the incidents to support the police and Asda in their investigations.”